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Plan Name
728X90 Static Member Area 1 Day
468X60 Static Member Area 1 Day
125X125 Static Member Area 1 Day
728X90 Rotating 7 Days
468X60 Rotating 7 Days
Banner Credits 10000
Banner Credits 5000
Banner Credits 2000
Banner Credits 800
728X90 Static Member Area 1 Day$5
468X60 Static Member Area 1 Day$5
125X125 Static Member Area 1 Day$5
728X90 Rotating 7 Days$14
468X60 Rotating 7 Days$14
Banner Credits 10000$22.50
Banner Credits 5000$15
Banner Credits 2000$7.5
Banner Credits 800$3
728X90 Static Member Area 1 Day1
468X60 Static Member Area 1 Day1
125X125 Static Member Area 1 Day1
728X90 Rotating 7 Days7
468X60 Rotating 7 Days7
Banner Credits 1000010000
Banner Credits 50005000
Banner Credits 20002000
Banner Credits 800800
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Text Ads
Red Line
A text ad is a form of online paid advertising that is typically just text with a link to your site and copy with a description of the promotion one is offering.
Plan Name
Text Credit 800
Text Credits 2000
Text Credits 5000
Text Credits 10000
Text Ad Rotating 2 Days
Static Text Ad Member Area 1 Day
Text Credit 800$3
Text Credits 2000$8
Text Credits 5000$15
Text Credits 10000$22.50
Text Ad Rotating 2 Days$3
Static Text Ad Member Area 1 Day$5
Text Credit 800800
Text Credits 20002000
Text Credits 50005000
Text Credits 1000010000
Text Ad Rotating 2 Days2
Static Text Ad Member Area 1 Day1
Login ad
Login Ads
This ensures your site gets seen by members every time they log in to, when you purchase this package you receive an unlimited amount of hits for a 24 hour duration.

Start Page:
Your can promote your website in the traffic exchange feature as thefirst page every user will see for

Static $100 per day
Rotating $20 per day
traff ex
Traffic Exchange
Plan Name
50,000 Website Credits
20,000 Website Credits
10,000 Website Credits
5000 Website Credits
2000 Website Credits
1000 Website Credits
500 Website Credits
250 Website Credits
50,000 Website Credits$150
20,000 Website Credits$70
10,000 Website Credits$40
5000 Website Credits$30
2000 Website Credits$22
1000 Website Credits$15
500 Website Credits$7.5
250 Website Credits$5
50,000 Website Credits125000
20,000 Website Credits20000
10,000 Website Credits10000
5000 Website Credits5000
2000 Website Credits2000
1000 Website Credits1000
500 Website Credits500
250 Website Credits250
Cash Links

Paid to click (PTC) is an online business model that draws online traffic from people aiming to earn money from home. PTC websites act as middlemen between advertisers and consumers; the advertiser pays for displaying ads on the PTCwebsite, and a part of this payment goes to the viewer when he views the advertisement

Plan Name
5,000 PaidToClick 30Sec
5,000 PaidToClick 15Sec
5,000 PaidToClick 5Sec
1,000 PaidToClick 30Sec
1,000 PaidToClick 15Sec
1,000 PaidToClick 5Sec
Banner Size
5,000 PaidToClick 30Sec468X60
5,000 PaidToClick 15Sec468X60
5,000 PaidToClick 5Sec468X60
1,000 PaidToClick 30Sec468X60
1,000 PaidToClick 15Sec468X60
1,000 PaidToClick 5Sec468X60
5,000 PaidToClick 30Sec5000
5,000 PaidToClick 15Sec5000
5,000 PaidToClick 5Sec5000
1,000 PaidToClick 30Sec1000
1,000 PaidToClick 15Sec1000
1,000 PaidToClick 5Sec1000
All Countries Price
5,000 PaidToClick 30Sec$50
5,000 PaidToClick 15Sec$25
5,000 PaidToClick 5Sec$5
1,000 PaidToClick 30Sec$10
1,000 PaidToClick 15Sec$5
1,000 PaidToClick 5Sec$1
Geo Price
5,000 PaidToClick 30Sec$70
5,000 PaidToClick 15Sec$30
5,000 PaidToClick 5Sec$7
1,000 PaidToClick 30Sec$15
1,000 PaidToClick 15Sec$7
1,000 PaidToClick 5Sec$1.5
Plan Name
10 PPC Banner 468x60
4 PPC Banner 468x60
40 PPC Banner 728x90
20 PPC Banner 728x90
20 PPC Banner 468x60
40 PPC Banner 468x60
Banner Size
10 PPC Banner 468x60468X60
4 PPC Banner 468x60468X60
40 PPC Banner 728x90728X90
20 PPC Banner 728x90728X90
20 PPC Banner 468x60468X60
5,000 PaidClick 10Sec468X60
10 PPC Banner 468x6010
4 PPC Banner 468x604
40 PPC Banner 728x9040
20 PPC Banner 728x9020
20 PPC Banner 468x6020
5,000 PaidClick 10Sec40
All Countries Price
10 PPC Banner 468x60$4
4 PPC Banner 468x60$2
40 PPC Banner 728x90$9
20 PPC Banner 728x90$5
20 PPC Banner 468x60$5
5,000 PaidClick 10Sec$9
Geo Price
10 PPC Banner 468x60$6
4 PPC Banner 468x60$3
40 PPC Banner 728x90$12
20 PPC Banner 728x90$8
20 PPC Banner 468x60$8
40 PPC Banner 468x60$12
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